Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Did It All

It all started when I finally had access to the internet at home. I did what I think most people do when living alone (men AND women): I wandered around looking at "naughty pictures." At some point I discovered that most of them led to a particular "hook up" site, which shall remain nameless.

Frankly, seeing all those people on that site seeking out NSA relationships, mostly in various stages of undress, turned me on. It all began with me snapping nude photos of myself and posting them (headless, of course). From there, it was just a spiral further and further into the abyss. Not that I have ANY regrets whatsoever.

First a series of wild one night stands.

Then a series of fuck buddies

Then I was led to phone sex, since many of my new "friends" (and, indeed, they were friends) said I had the knowledge (most men have some kind of kink), open mindedness, and a nice phone voice. While I was doing phone sex, I noticed that most of the high-rate calls went to dominatrices and this wonderful thing called Financial Domination.

I never had the nerve, or just maybe too much morality, to do straight out Financial Domination. But I was avidly curious about domination. One of the friends I met on the "hookup site" told me of a free site where I could probably find people to teach me all about BDSM.

From there, it was easy. As with most sites, there are plenty more men than women (at least "real" women not looking for money) on those sites. Most of them were perfectly willing to teach a newbie, since they got their kicks for free. I had a few men teach me various things... sometimes rather extreme things. Basically I did it all: bondage, strap-ons, verbal abuse, CBT, golden showers, fisting, stomping, foot worship, spanking, hot wax, electric shock, and various other things that would warp most people's minds. But the men loved it and longed for it...and there were so few women willing to do it all.

So, naturally, that eventually led to me charging men for my time and effort. I never became a "pro" domme, since I have a day job and probably wouldn't really make enough to survive on, one hundred percent. Word just spread amongst a few select people, and men would either pay for me to abuse them in various ways or buy me nice gifts, either BDSM related or not.

It's actually quite exhausting work, much more so than I think straight sex for money would ever be. You have to mentally prepare yourself for it all, and often there is a lot of prep work ahead of time and clean up afterward. I still love it, though, and think I fit naturally into the role. Even when I was back on the "hookup" site, sex was always about power and control for me. So, I suppose this path was eventual.

I do fantasize about having my own dungeon someday and just doing this full-time, but I live in a conservative state, and my mother would probably have a heart attack. Plus, I think someday I'd like to settle down...naturally, with a submissive man.